The Test #2 Am I Honest?


The Test #2  Am I Honest?

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Day 1:  Steal away to that quiet place, away from distraction and interruption.  Bring a pad of paper with you and something to write with.  Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal your areas of dishonesty. Make your list of every dishonesty that comes to mind.  Then thank God that He wants the best for you, that He is merciful and longsuffering, that He has not forsaken you, and Christ remains in you because you are doing this. 


Day 2:  Back to that quiet place. Read over your list.  These are the dishonesties that you want to purge from your life.  In your quiet time with God ask for Him to forgive you and purify you and cleanse you from all unrighteousness.   Ask the Holy Spirit to confirm in your heart that you have been forgiven.  Thank God that He is slow to anger, abounding in love, and able to separate you from your sins as far as the east is from the west.


Day 3: In your place of solitude read over your list again and for each, say out loud “I was dishonest, now I am forgiven, and I forsake these ways.”  Again, asking for assistance from the Spirit of Christ that is in you, write down the names of the people you were dishonest with, the people that you defrauded, the people that you hurt, and the people that you took advantage of.  Write down their names. Thank God that He sets the prisoners free, breaks the chains of the past, wipes your slate clean, and gives you another chance to get it right in Christ.


In the preceding days go to those whose names you’ve written down, as far as it is possible, and confess your dishonesty, ask to be forgiven, and if necessary, make restitution. This is the behavior of one who has truly repented.   This is difficult to do because you are nailing your egoism upon the cross, you are stripping off the rages of the old way of life and burning them, you're being real, “no matter how deep the humiliation” (Jones, Victorious Living, p. 30). There may be those who will not forgive, and give their response to God.  All you can do is be responsible for yourself, and you have asked to be pardoned for your dishonesty, you’ve done your part.


Once you have gone and made amends to everyone on your list burn it.  If you need a fireplace we have pits here at the facility you can borrow, don’t want you to start a wildfire or burn your place down.  As the list goes up in smoke know that you have been obedient.  Thank God for the empowerment to do all you could to make things right between you and those who experienced what the old you did to them.  Then go and sin no more.


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