Below is the brief job description of the opportunities currently available for you to utilize your passion and gifts for the Kingdom of God. 
All leaders will need to build ministry teams to help them fulfill their mission.
Mentors are available to assist you.

Technology Leader
The technology leader will be familiar with the use of the internet, networking,  utilization of social media, streaming and creating an interactive video conferencing platform. Your primary function is to use the latest technology to achieve the mission of our new work.

Outreach Leader

The outreach leader will focus on creating events and ministries that will be vehicles for planting the good news of the gospel. People need to see Jesus before they will be interested in what He has to say. Your primary function is evangelism, building bridges from the faith community into society.

Care Leader

The position of care leader involves equipping individuals to care for hurting people within the congregation, contacting absentees, coordinating hospital and in-home visits, celebrating milestones. Your primary function is pastoral care.

Worship Leader
The worship leader will create a culture of worship within the congregation utilizing song and the visual arts and any other means that will give individuals opportunity to enter into the presence of God. Your primary goal is forming Christ in others through the arts.
We currently have access to Sunday Plus and Media Shout presentation software and CCLI Copyright Licensing.
Fellowship Leader     
The fellowship leader will concentrate on the assimilation of new people and be integrating the congregation into a caring body facilitating communal compassion.  It is by our love we are to be known. Your primary function is to create interdependent relationships amongst attendees.

Adult Ministry Leader
The Adult ministry leader will create opportunities for adults of all ages to mature in the faith. Small group accountability, age similar activities, and intergenerational events, mission projects will be in your watch care. Your primary goal is adult education and discipleship.

Children’s Leader
The children’s leader will have watch care for newborns through 5th - 6th graders building a safe learning environment and an enjoyable congregational experience. Your primary goal is to disciple young souls, establishing them in a right relationship with Jesus.

Teen Leader
The teen leader will have watch care for Junior and Senior High students developing real-world experiences in which students can encounter Christ and grow in their faith. Your primary goal is to disciple teens, so they continue in their faith after graduation.

Finance Leader
The finance leader will oversee the proper accounting of congregational funds, creating a ministry funding budget and help raise funds.  Your primary function is to fund ministry.

Administration Leader
The Admin Leader is tasked with supporting the ministry in a variety of ways including bookkeeping, communications, scheduling, data entry, secretarial services. Your crucial function in the effective and efficient day to day operation of the work.