My Promise

My promise to you as the leader of your team:
I will be a person of integrity, open to your feedback and observations to hold me accountable.
I will give you the time and attention you need to be successful is your spiritual journey.
I will be respectful of your opinions and ideas seeking to understand where you are coming from.
I will be demanding but also patient, kind and supportive; giving guidance when necessary and discipline as required to bring the best out of you. 

I will not micromanage you, instead, you will have my trust in your abilities to carry out your assigned ministry assignment and team responsibilities.
I will communicate clearly, be direct, and honest.
I will publicly acknowledge your hard work and success.
I will be decisive and make those tough decisions.

In these most difficult of times, people need the good news of the gospel to set them free and people need to learn how to follow Jesus. People need someone like you to change the world.

 Join me and let’s see if through the grace of God we can make a difference for the folks in our world.

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