Creating Community Part 3

Thoughts Continued in Creating Community Part 3

In the “life together” the Christ followers prayed together. N.T. “Tom” Wright wrote that prayer “enables us to be at home in God’s house, whichever door we come in by. [Wright, Simply Good News: Why the Gospel is News and What Makes it Good, 2015]
Praying together creates comradery. Praying together is a mystical experience when it's not just someone leading in prayer and everyone saying AMEN at the end of the speaker’s monologue. Praying together brings us into the presence of God is a way that praying alone cannot. When we encounter God it changes us.

A true Christ-following community is dedicated to living out the Apostles teachings; are interdependent, doing life together, they share inviting common meals and the pray together.

I’ll continue with Acts 2:44 in Creating Community Part 4


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