Time Keeps On Slippin Slippin

Apologies to the theory of relativity, Kurt Vonnegut and H.G. Wells. “Time is just a method for measuring perpetual change.”
(Hans Meijer Truth Will Set You Free: Time Does Not Exist)

Time Keeps on Slippin Slippin 

There is no past. You can’t go back in time to some date in the past. It simply doesn’t exist outside of memory and documentation. There is no future. You can’t go forward in time to some date in the future. It simply doesn’t exist, because it has not yet been created, it exists only in our imaginations and expectations. Only “The Now,” “The Present,” is not an illusion, it is the reality in which we choose.
You cannot change the past, only your interpretation of it. The past is our memory of the choices we made, the life we experienced, it has no isolated existence other than in our recollection. What was done, is done.

The past can intrude on the present, creating a prison which locks you into what you were yesterday. The past can be full of positive ramifications promoting a better quality of life in the Now. “The past has no independent nature of its own”
(A.N. Whitehead http://www.religion-online.org/article/time-and-timelessness-in-the-philosophy-of-a-n-whitehead/)

Human beings are so accustomed to tomorrow occurring that the assumption is that life is like an epic novel, marvelously written, and tomorrow is just a turn of the page in that book as we proceed to the end of the story. We intuit the future.
In reality, it is by one’s choices in “the Now,” that writes the next word, that the future is created.

We live only in the Now. The Now so quickly becomes the past, the Now so quickly creates the future that we do not sense its existence; much like a fish doesn’t sense its watery environment. The experience of the Now is one of time passing, of time flowing, in reality, there is no passing from past to present to future because past and future do not exist independent of one perception of their existence. “We move through a succession of Nows.”
 (Adam Frank, About Time: Cosmology and Culture at the Twilight of the Big Bang)

The Now is eternal (not in the sense of eternalism); no beginning, no end; no past, no future. Time is a construct,  a conceptualization,  that began with the Big Bang singularity of creation. There are echoes of the past, memories of the past, but no temporal physicality of the past, a beginning, yes, an independent existence, no. The future is all expectation and imagination, it is not what exists next just waiting to be experienced.

Do thoughts like this make you tense?

If so check out Presentism the Philosophy of Time You could also check out What Is Presentism?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6Nkb8J8lCo


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