Trauma As A Place of Service Featuring Diane Langberg

As a Christian am I complicate in the traumatization of others by remaining silent? Diane Langberg offers you her thoughts.

"Up to 1,000 male and 500 female slaves were shackled and crammed in the castle’s dank, poorly ventilated dungeons, with no space to lie down and very little light. Without water or sanitation, the floor of the dungeon was littered with human waste and many captives fell seriously ill. The men were separated from the women, and the captors regularly raped the helpless women. The castle also featured confinement cells — small pitch-black spaces for prisoners who revolted or were seen as rebellious. Once the slaves set foot in the castle, they could spend up to three months in captivity under these dreadful conditions before being shipped off to the New World."

Lilian Diarra Ghana’s Slave Castles: The Shocking Story of the Ghanaian Cape Coast Updated: 24 January 2017


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