Controlled Thinking: we create realities with our minds.

Dr. Caroline Leaf  Controlled Thinking: we create realities with our minds.

We all need to recognize that our thoughts, words and actions are powerful; we create realities with our minds. We should never let thoughts just wander through our minds. We need to constantly renew the way we think and take negative thoughts captive, making sure that we create realities of love and not of hatred, which allows us to not only help ourselves but to also help others. When we are surrounded by our own problems we often don’t see when we can, and that we need to, help someone in need.

How can you learn to control your thinking?
·         Never let thoughts just wander through your mind unchecked. Focus on the now moment and observe your thoughts and feelings, perhaps writing down what you think and feel in a journal.

·         Reconceptualize (redesign) thoughts that are holding you back by deciding what thought you would rather have and then work toward eliminating the toxic thought and building something better. Here is an example: Start with acknowledging and articulating thoughts weighing you down—ones that don’t serve any useful purpose beyond keeping you stuck. Now ask yourself questions rather than issuing commands to yourself—this is a much more effective way to reconceptualize because it opens up exploration, creates possibility, and distances you from what you are thinking, giving you a safe space for change. You can also label your emotions in a nonjudgmental way to give yourself some distance from them in order to deal with them.

·         I have created a simple, easy to use app called SWITCH that can help individuals learn to control their thinking and build positive, life-giving memories that can transform their lives and communities for the better, which is based on the principles of my Switch On Your Brain with the 5-step Learning Process (centered on my Geodesic Learning Theory). It takes just 7-12 minutes a day and helps create and solidify long-term, healthy thinking habits. For more information see the SWITCH app website. I also discuss renewing the mind and controlling toxic thinking patterns in my books Switch on Your Brain and Think, Learn, Succeed, which are available on our online store.

This is informative and NOT individual medical advice.


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