Connected in Community by Kindness

Love keeps us together. Longsuffering keeps us together. Now let's try a little kindness.


  1. 3/29/20 Just watched "Connected in Community by Kindness." With what we are going through right now that can be a life changer. There was a lady on a bus that was blasted verbally by a black guy on the bus. She was oriental looking and he was blaming the virus on her and said Chinese don't bathe well. She was hoping that someone would speak up for her but no one stepped forward. He went on and on for about 10 minutes. So many are afraid and sometimes that makes them angry. If someone had been bold enough to talk to him and tell him that a lot of people feel the same way, he probably felt he was voicing all their concerns. I'm sure the Holy Spirit could give us the words to say, and if the man didn't stop, at least the lady would know she was not alone. It would have been a kindness to everyone on the bus. There are so many opportunities right now for kindness. People who never would have talking to each other, strangers, are passing on tips and advice. Praise God for multiple chances to be God's ambassadors.


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