Nagging Questions: Do I Love You, Lord?


  1. I just listened to "Do I love you Lord?" I've read that scripture about the deer before and felt as I really fell short. I loved your sermon, you're right, every day as we obey his command to love, we are loving God. Yesterday someone was really angry, at the whole COVID problem, but taking it out on me. I read something from "Voice of Martyrs". "Am I willing to pay the price of faithfulness to Christ?" As a daily choice. Our Lord told us to deny ourselves and take up our cross daily (Luke 9:23) because discipleship is not one commitment or action, but rather a repeated action we choose to make - or not - each day of our lives." I highlighted that and it's on my desk to re-read. Just what I needed to hear at the time. These people are willing to lay down their lives just to have a Bible - for what purpose - to have the strength to follow Jesus and love their enemies. God doesn't want any to perish. I have to remember, the person who is angry does not know God, and she is not the enemy. The one who is trying to destroy her is. I went outside to mow the grass and talk to God and happened to look up. I had called the city about 4 months ago to trim my huge tree. They had been there to do it and I was so blessed. Just my Father saying "I love you," just when I needed it. Just like your sermon. Patti H


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